Twenty-one million

Struggle With Substance
Use Disorder

Why listen?

To help a friend be heard.
To understand a struggling son or daughter.
To learn what works and what doesn’t.
To consider different treatment options together.
To get a new perspective on addiction.
To be proud of yourself for trying.
To create room for honesty.
To bring an end to stigma.

What you might hear

I’m worried about myself, but I don’t think I can change.
If I tell people about my addiction, no one will trust me again.
I struggled with addiction in the past, but now it’s under control.
It’s my problem and you can’t help me.
Everyone drinks this much.
I keep relapsing and my friends are sick of it.
People will see me differently if they know I have a problem.
Thank you for listening. It helps more than you know.

About listen

Listen is Viacom’s initiative to change the national addiction conversation and kick-start a search for solutions. Listen offers support through connected resources, and eliminates blame, shame and stigma by amplifying the stories of millions of Americans whose lives are affected by addiction.

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